Before this company was founded, Bob had worked for newspapers and other photographers.
In 1960 Bob started his own photostudio and worked as a publicity, industrial and fashion photographer. In 1979 the first aerial photograph was taken, while working on a booklet for attracting personell for the Smith's Chips company. The company asked for an aerial photograph for the frontpage of the booklet, Bob rented a small plane with a pilot and found a new career. Soon thereafter the company's activities expanded to the offshore oil and gas exploration in the North Sea. During the many flights we made over the offshore installations, a huge archive has been build up of all the various offshore activities that encompass a period of 1980 up to 2005. All images were taken with special camera's to assure the highest quality. The archive is available to any organisation and private person who want to obtain images of the highest quality. By means of modern technology all images can be delivered as digital files for printing purposes or as colour photographs in various formats usable for exhibitions, offices or as eyecatcher in the entrance hall. Now, 45 years later, Bob has stopped taking new aerial photographs. We now only work to supply you with images from our archive.
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