We provide images for large format posters, calendars, folders, dye-sublimation prints, or simply files that you can use on your computer.
By means of computers we can create the most stunning publications you can imagine. We can add text and objects that were not there at the time the photo was taken. Inserting your "company logo" is of course one of the endless possibilities. We can also remove, change or replace things to your liking. There are two kinds of prints; dyesublimation and inkjet.
Dye-sublimation are used for the formats A4 and smaller, and the inkjet is used for prints starting at 30 x 40 cm.
Dye-sublimation prints can be delivered as photographs or overhead-sheets. Large-format prints come in any size you like and can be used for decoration purposes in conference- and boardrooms, on stands and exhibitions, or entrance halls
and can be delivered in small or large amounts.
The foto's are printed on double-weight paper that guarantees long lasting results. The life span of digital prints is nowadays much longer than that of traditional photographs. Fading out of colours is something of the past. Cd-rom:
Images can also be delivered on a Cd-rom.
That way you will have direct access to all your material whenever you desire.
The images can be delivered in any desired format and size or several ones at the same time. Among numerous others, this can be; RGB TIFF en JPG . You ask and we make!
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